HTML cheat sheet

Some, possibly helpful, HTML code for bloggers to copy and paste.

I don't yet understand but links off site appear to need to be written like this:
to force a line break without paragraph spacing: <br />
to create a paragraph break: <p />

(or wrap the graph in

<p> and </p>

<strong>your text</strong> <b>your text</b>
<i>your text</i> Add a horizontal rule: <hr />

link to somewhere else: <a href="http:////">where the link goes</a>
unordered list (bullet list, can be embedded in other lists):
  • <li>your text</li>
  • <li>your text</li>
  • </ul>
ordered list (number list, numbers are automagic and can be embedded in other lists):
  1. <li>your text</li>
  2. <li>your text</li>
  3. </ol>
There are a couple things you can try to change where pictures show up:
In the <IMG SRC...> tag try adding ALIGN="LEFT" for left aligning the image (or ALIGN="RIGHT" for right aligning -- MIDDLE is also a valid option).
Headings (H1 is largest, H6 is smallest):

<h1>your text</h1>

<h2>your text</h2>

<h3>your text</h3>

<h4>your text</h4>

<h5>your text</h5>
<h6>your text</h6>